Close But No Cigar

Scott and his dim-witted companion, Joel (Local residents of the Cambridge area) are enlisted to help out in purchasing an old VW Campervan by an unlikely buyer – Scott’s slightly estranged, Uncle George. The simple lives of the rural Cambridge residents, Scott and Joel, are transformed rather quickly when they’re suddenly confronted with the reality that Uncle George might be up to no good.

Thrust into a world of debt collectors, armed Campervan robberies, dog kidnappers and even an unsuspected psychopath, the pair along with Uncle George – the nemesis responsible for their predicaments – work through the comedy of errors that unfold never quite getting to the bottom of things. They get close, but no cigar!

Writer, Director, Producer
Tom Hutt

Writer, Director, Producer
Will Hutt

Scott Fitzgerald
Sam Wilkinson

Joel Dixon
Felix Taylor

Uncle George
Tim Skelton

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